Affiliate Marketing Success Stories (I BEAT CANCER)


I wanted to share my story with you to inspire some of you. I am not super rich or anything but I have came a long way since 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was becoming weaker and skinner by the day and my life expectancy was very short. I was suppose to die, deep inside I knew It was not my time. I started meditating and doing yoga everyday to cleanse my mind. I also ate extremely healthy natural plant based foods and cut out all processed foods. Within a few months my cancer had gone away! It felt like a miracle and that I got another second chance in life and this time around I did not want to waste it.

Months went by and I was still in weak condition from the cancer and had lost a lot of weight. I could not go back to being a construction worker so I turned to Youtube to search for ways to make money online. I tried dropshipping and failed. I tried tshirt prints and failed. I then stumbled upon affiliate marketing and gave it a try. My first week I got a sale, but then I did not get a second sale for almost 2 months. I had some beginners luck. At this point I made a niche review blog with Amazon affiliate links. Within a few months I started SEO’ing very hard for some keywords and sales started rolling in.

I am now replicating this review blogs on different niches and outsourcing most of my work to people I have made relationships with over the years. I am working 10-15 hours a week and get to spend a lot of time with my new girlfriend. I am the happiest I have ever been and am so blessed to have found affiliate marketing. Last month I had my first 5 figure month ($12,252).


  1. I had cancer and was told I was going to die
  2. I beat cancer
  3. I failed on many online ventures
  4. I discovered affiliate marketing and it changed my life!
  5. I made over 5 figures last month and got a beautiful girlfriend!

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Thanks so much for sharing @Banksy

What kind of niches did you get into if you do not mind sharing?


Inspiring story! Thanks for sharing!


My mother beat cancer, but she never became an affiliate or achieved your level of success. You must be a strong person, congrats!