Best affiliate programs 2019 (millionaire makers) πŸ’°



In this video I go over THE BEST affiliate programs of 2019! These programs have created many millionaires. I have curated the top ones I think have the most potential for affiliates in 2019. Anyone can promote these products and earn anywhere from a small commission to a large mansion!

  1. Amazon - This affiliate program is also known as Amazon associates. They pay 4%-8.5% commissions on most items. Amazon has so many items to sell making it a good general program.
  1. Siteground - The best web host out there. Support responses within minutes, affordable and fastest servers! $50-$100+ commissions on tiered structure.
  1. Bluehost - Bluehost is one of the biggest and well known hosting companies in the world. Over 2,000,000 websites are currently using Bluehost. They pay $65 commission when a customer is referred. The affiliate program paid out affiliates over $5,000,000 in 2017.
  1. NordVPN - A top VPN company with a β€œNo Logs” policy. Access over 5,000 servers. Tor/Onion support included. Pay in crypto. They pay residual commissions. Structure down below:

    • 1 Month Package: 100% commission, 30% renewal (lifetime)
    • 6 Month Package: 40% commission, 30% renewal (lifetime)
    • 1 Year Package: 40% commission, 30% renewal (lifetime)
  1. PureVPN - One super affiliate made $47,697 in 7 days and there is huge potential for 2019. They introduced a two tier affiliate program which is very rare for legit products.
  • You will earn 100% commission the first payment for 1 month plan
  • You will earn 40% commission for first payment for 6 month or 1 year plan
  • You will earn 30% commission for ALL RECURRING PAYMENTS!
  • You will earn commissions for all sub affiliates underneath you
  1. Logojoy - This is how almost all future logos will be created. Create amazing logos with artificial intelligence. Get paid 25% commissions on products ranging from $20-$200.
  1. Binance - Biggest cryptocurrency exchange for alt coins. Get 20%-40% commissions on every single trading fee for the life time of the referred account. 3 people already became millionaires on this program.
  1. Uniregistry - Best domain registrar with best pricing in the industry. Buy and sell domains easily with their market place. Supports over 200+ TLD’s and FREE PRIVACY! 20% commissions on purchase and renewals for lifetime of account.


This is a great list. I have started signing up for all of these over the past few days since finding your channel. I think Logojoy has some serious potential and I am going to actually use it for my next project.


Great list. I would also add Shopify, it pays well to be an affiliate for them.


I found your channel through this video actually. Amazing curation!


Glad to see Amazon on the list. Amazon is king of the castle for a cookie cutter affiliate program for any niche. I have been making a ton of my income off Amazon associates for years and will continue to do so.


Bookmarked. This is legendary, thanks Odin!


Signed up to all of them, appreciate the list. Nord vpn uses the CJ affiliate network however I emailed them directly and they gave me acess to thier independent affiliate dashboard!


What about Shopify? I was thinking of starting that this year. Saturated or good?


Shopify is a good affiliate program @ALPHA200 but I do not like them personally since they denied me for no good reason, maybe I will try to reapply since its the new years, happy 2019! I would suggest you do a niche Shopify or dropshipping channel or affiliate website if you want to get approved by them easily.


HUGE NEWS! LiveChat just launched a 2 tier affiliate program with lifetime residuals. LiveChat is the biggest live chat software company online. LiveChat is used by huge companies like McDonalds, Adobe, PayPal, Stripe, Pizza Hut, and many more! This is the perfect opportunity to have affiliates work for you. The two tier program will pay you 5% lifetime commissions on customers brought by affiliates underneath you. Sales driven by you earn 20% lifetime commissions. Cookies on the affiliate program last 120 days. The affiliate program is independent and top notch!



Great affiliate list! I would love to see some CBD affiliate programs added soon to Affiliate Watch.