Best two tier affiliate program ($47,697 in 1 week) 📈


In this video I go over what looks like the best two tier affiliate program of 2019! One super affiliate made $47,697 in 7 days and there is huge potential for 2019. The company is called PureVPN and its a VPN company. PurveVPN recently redid their product and affiliate program. They introduced a two tier affiliate program which is very rare for legit products. There is huge potential for affiliates and super affiliates to make a ton of money off this affiliate program!



  • You will earn 100% commission the first payment for 1 month VPN plan
  • You will earn 40% commission for first payment for 6 month or 1 year VPN plan
  • You will earn 30% commission for EVERY RECURRING PAYMENT!
  • You will earn commissions for all sub affiliates underneath you and you can make a huge tree of sub affiliates, unlimited tier levels!



Very inspiring. I see how two tiers have a ton of potential if you can get legit people under you. The bad thing is most two tiers are dodgy products, however this is a nice company like you mentioned in the video. I will be researching the company a bit more and if I go forward, I will use your link. Cheers!