Blackhat vs Whitehat experience affiliate marketing?


Hey guys. I am new to affiliate marketing, I started this year. It seems blackhat/grayhat affiliate marketing is a really big thing the more I research. Whats your guys experience and any techniques/strategies anyone can share?

Whitehat is also good but just a bit boring so more interesting hearing about gray/black hat techniques! Thanks!


You don’t want to get banned from Google! Watch this video by Neil Patel.


Did you even watch that video @John , he made $100,000+ in 1 month from his techniques. He says not to do it, while he sips on his $1,000 champagne from gray hat techniques.


Yeah… I mean… $10K investment, then 6x$100K income before being banned…? Sounds good to me.

On the other hand, he doesn’t really have any good stuff. I am more into the serious content, and want affiliate to create some income with it. So these tricks won’t help me.


Gray hat is best. Combine the best of both worlds! :joy:

In all seriousness, be careful playing with fire. There is a ton of money to be made but you made be suspended from affiliate programs if you break the rules. In my experience most affiliates do not care as long as they make money and they do not get any complaints!.


I agree that blackhat is bit risky and if we’re serious in affiliate endeavor then it’s better to stay away from blackhat affiliate marketing.


Blackhat marketing might help you in the short term, but after google catches on your rankings for everything will drop and you will have a really tough time.


Definitely do not recomend Blackhat. It’s just “Get quick rich” methods that never pan out long term.


You want to always do gray hat. Make your black hat traffic appear white hat. If you present your company/product so well, the user will never think twice how they got to this link. Blackhat marketers that are good are like magicians, performing white hat illusions.

When LinkedIn re-subscribes you to their mailing list, is that whitehat? NO!!! But they get away with it because they are a big company.

AirBNB would not exist today if they did not spam craigslist in the early days.

Reddit would of died if the founders did not do fake posts.



Great answers guys! Thank you!


Black hat is about gaming the system. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to game the system. Playing by the rules and being Mr nice guy will only lead to failure and misery. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it, I do not care.


I would follow the advice of the Buddah. Use the “Middle Path” which in this case would be gray hat. Its okay to find loop holes and short cuts. Its not okay to mislead, lie, and be evil.