Buying & selling domains ๐Ÿ’ธ secrets

I share the best ways to make huge profits buying and selling domains. Learn top secrets and resources to become a better domain flipper. Flipping domains is a great way to make some serious returns. Its important to use and know about the right tools if you want to be successful at buying and selling domains.


  1. Uniregistry - Free marketplace to buy and sell, bulk tools, free privacy, best prices in the industry!

  2. NameCheap - Big brand, free privacy, great prices, optional hosting -


  1. Flippa - Very well established - cheap ($1) and premium listing options -

  2. Sedo - Good place to sell domains -


  1. Expired Domains - Original and long lasting website for finding expired domains ( needs a new design )

  2. FreshDrop - Newer site to find expired domains with very good filtering system


  1. Lean Domain Search - Now owned by WordPress - Find the perfect .com domains -

  2. Internet Archive - Go back in time and see what a site looked like - Bring the site back to life -

This video is fire, thank you for linking all the resources. I only knew of some of these and have been in the internet game for a while.

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Great advice, I love name cheap! I had never thought of bringing an expired domain back from the grave before through internet archives, that is super genius. I am going to try and find a good one to flip.

Solid video. I have 1 more piece of advice for newbies. Try to sell your domain for a lot if approached. It is better to sell the domain for a lot (5k-100k) then try to sell for cheap ($100-1k). Big companies and people with money will cough up ridiculous sums of cash to get a domain they want. If you have something good, know your worth and do not be afraid to negotiate for the stars.

Great guide and video. I can vouch for Flippa, its a great website. I sold one of my Amazon affiliate sites on there and the process was smooth/fast.

Do you guys reccomend buying . com domains or buying other tlds?

@shadowHands Dot Com is still king of the castle but not for long. If your willing to wait for a paradigm shift over the next few years, huge opportunities to get clever 1 word TLDโ€™s.

One trick is to list on Flippa is to have your โ€œfriendsโ€ bid.

Steps on how to profit from this:

  1. Buy a good domain name
  2. List it on Flippa
  3. Set a low minimum offer and a high buy it now ($50 & $5,000 for example)
  4. Have 2 friends keep bidding, but never let them go over the buy it now or they will have to buy
  5. You can easily have your 2 friends bid to $2000 and then 1 sucker will bid more thinking people are bidding against him and its a good item.

This strategy works extremely well. Most people only want to buy something when others buy it, most people are stupid and could never think for themselves, so help them out and profit!

I agree. The only 2 domains I have sold have been .com . If a business is going to get another TLD, they have 100โ€™s to choose from so its harder to sell the domain in my experience.