Cloak/hide affiliate links-Not Using Link Shorteners


Hi guys!

How do you cloak/hide affiliate links without using link shorteners?

I’ve seen affiliate links with the usual website address like for example, and when you click the link it opens to affiliate link. Does anybody know how to do that?


Hey @bluechecker007

There is a few solutions:

  1. I think what you are referring to is called Direct Linking and its only supported by some affiliate programs / companies. Direct Linking is an advanced feature that allows affiliates to link directly to a website without additional parameters in the URL. So for example, instead of: you can use: . You usually need to set the URL in the back end of the affiliate dashboard and then the company checks the “HTTP_REFERER”.

  2. You can also set up some type of routing functionality like AffiliateWatch does. For example we make our outbount links look like . It simply checks the slug in the ending of the url in the database and then redirects to NordVpn. This makes the links look clean and allows us to keep our branding.

  3. Another way which is not as good but still could work. You can make the text show a different URL. For example this URL says but goes to


You may also find this video on double meta refreshes helpful if your trying to hide the referrer.


I used to lose alot of money on my conversions because I was trying to mask my affiliate links in-correctly. The above mentioned methods are decent and there are a few more private ones I won’t enclose. But DL is only support by so many companies as stated by Odin. I believe method #2 is a really genius way to get the job done. Cloaking and hiding affiliate links is a very smart way to get more conversions or leads to your campaign(s). Thanks for posing this questions as it was brought more ideas to my mind for future camps that I’m also running.


Awesome! thanks Odin :slight_smile:


Its important you control the URL anycase you want to change it later. The worst thing is using a companys affiliate link and then they remove their affiliate program and you can’t control the flow of website traffic! Always have your own domain!