Countries for publishers?


small suggestion: it might be usefull to add countries to the networks. Considering I am based in country A (where most my buyers will be), but I am writing about tours and excursions in country B (which buyers may prebook in A, or maybe when in B), it is important to me which countries affiliate publishers may be based in, and whether they sell abroad.


We do show the Location of where the companies are located on individual affiliate pages.

For example Digital Ocean shows its in New York. I do agree we could go in further detail and say if DigitalOcean accepts international customers etc.


Yeah, that works, but…well… I am kinda lazy, so I’d love to be able to filter out all programmes which won’t send money to my country, or offer products in my target country.

Just being an international network doesn’t really mean much. For instance, Google is a worldwide player, but I cannot use their AdWords because the particular payment method I used to use is no longer supported for my country…


It’s easy nowadays to publish works for international readers. Or I simply can’t get what you mean, correct me if I’m wrong.


It might be a ncie feature to be able to filter it out I think, But for now Im happy that it shows the country on the individual pages, maybe you could add a filter option Odin!

  • 1 for this! Love the site btw!