Dan lok sent me 244 fake dislikes scammer! (danlok.com)



Disliked Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgAur9ig46s

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Dan Lok, to me, is an internet troll. He can send dislikes and manipulate the videos that go against him with many different methods; for example in your case, dislikes. Affiliate.Watch should have no problems combatting against him because of how fresh your content is. He may be able to shift you some bad votes and maybe comments; but the real users will still engage. Iโ€™m relatively new to your channel still, but I respect that you take no shit from these bigger people and have the courage to stand against them when they have the backing power to shift your influence. Keep at it and donโ€™t get discouraged because of trolls like Dan Lok.


I signed up to this site just to give my 2 cents on what youโ€™re saying about Dan. Dan Lok is a genius and should be valued for his known credibility. People like you are the reason bigger guys are wanting to get out of the picture or even have differentiating viewpoints about themselves continuing to help us little people improve ourselves. If dan were to sign up today and defend himself, I think you would cower down alot harder. Heโ€™s provided so many things for us little people and good strategies at that. So donโ€™t go there saying he is a troll and that he is giving you dislikes and all this. He doesnโ€™t have the time for people like you. I really wish heโ€™d sign up and give you a lesson and i feel he really does need to address this issue. No one should be bashing him online and continuing to do so without hearing his side of whatโ€™s going on.


Have you guys seen this video that Bill Stenzel did on Dan Lok.

Top comment:

Dan Lok is the name people. He is known for โ€œtaking downโ€ haters.