Dislikes and haters = good seo (proof) 👎


In this video I go over why haters and dislikes are good for YouTubers! Dislikes actually improve your SEO ranking and YouTube rewards controversial videos! I show proof of SEO rankings and talk about how dislikes improve my rankings.

The reason I got so many dislikes in recent videos is I started exposing a network of scammers. These scammers include Marissa Romero, Freedom Influencer, and Big Mark. They are promoting a scam product to useful idiots from a company, whos founder last MLM company went completely bankrupt and many people lost tons of money! I am trying to warn people of the scam and the scammers have been disliking my videos like crazy which has backfired and made my videos even more popular!



Interesting. Maybe its because there is more comments so the algorithm sees it as a highly engaged video.