Do companies steal affiliate commissions? i lost $1,398


In this video I go over how I lost $1,398 and talk about companies stealing commissions from affiliates. Stealing commissions from affiliates is sadly an abused practice that seems to happen more then usual. I am making this video as a way to speak out and also gather intelligence and reports from other affiliates who have had similar experiences. Be careful of companies or affiliate networks stealing your commissions. Make sure to always be vocal and post a record online where other affiliates can see!

My Story: I sold Liquid Web’s most expensive product and got the biggest commission possible on their site. Liquid Web is an enterprise hosting company. The commission was $1,398. I saw it when I woke up and a few hours later when I checked the commission was gone. I never got a message or anything. Liquid Web reversed the affiliate commission without providing any reason to the network, Impact. If I did not log in for the short period, I would of never even known about this! LiquidWeb never reached out to me. At first I accused the affiliate network that then told me LiquidWeb was responsible for reversing it and had not given them any reason. Was it because I hit the jackpot? So I contacted LiquidWeb and they gave me very vague copy paste answers why it was reversed. They ended up saying the charge was fraudulent. When I asked for proof, they never provided any. I asked for proof multiple times.

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In my experience it is quite common for companies to reverse, change terms, cancel affiliate programs, etc. It is the sad reality of the affiliate marketing industry no one wants to talk about. I would suggest you make money from more then 1 program otherwise you are not 100% safe.


I never had any experiences with this, I will consider myself lucky. The bigger companies probably don’t mess around as much, or maybe thats just wishful thinking!