Do not buy a .com for shopify, dropshipping, ecommerce! 🚀


Warning! Do not buy a .com domain name extension for a Shopify, dropshipping, or Ecommerce sites! It it 2019 and there is over 1,000 domain extensions available to choose from and you can now be a lot more creative. .store and .shop are perfect for Shopify stores, dropshipping sites, and ecommerce websites. In this video I give 5 amazing domain name examples and all of them are available for purchase. Feel free to take the ideas and domain names! The domain names can also easily be sold on Uniregistry, Flippa, and Sedo which have domain name marketplaces! Let me know what you think about .com domains for stores vs using new extensions!

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This is really smart actually. I could see this being a massive trend for shopify stores and ecommerce stores in the future. The .store and .shop TLD are great opportunities!