Do you have a mentor?


A recent trend has been to hire someone with more experience to mentor you as you go through a process. and the same has been done in Affiliate marketing as well. Do you currently have a mentor? how has he/she helped you?


I had some mentors along the way. My last mentor taught me about domaining and affiliate marketing. They mainly inspired me to think bigger!


Never really had a mentor but I learn a lot from some FB groups and other forums such as this, but no direct mentor.


I wish. What I found helpful is to read a lot of self help books and biographies. You are usually the average who you surround yourself with. So if you surround yourself with big thoughts from biographies, it starts changing your mindset! Try it out!


I read books from successful people. I also found cool YouTube channels such as “Bold and Determined”.


No but I watched a whole bunch of youtube videos, read forums, posted on forums, and read auto biographies from very successful people.


Nope. Self Taught thanks to the web!