Freedom influencer is a psychopath scammer!



In this video I go over Freedom Influencer promoting scams and multi level marketing pyramid schemes. Freedom Influencer is promoting people who are con artists who have been to jail, bankrupted companies, and stolen millions of dollars from people. Freedom Influencer does not promote legit affiliate products, he promotes MLM’s and “high ticket” courses that will try to steal $30,000 from you. These companies will then tell you to go out and scam people to make money. These companies have no viable products.

The CEO of legendary marketer is David Sharpe who was part of Empower network. Empower network went bankrupt, people were arrested on drugs, and they stole all the money from everyone. Now the scammers have rebranded into Legendary Marketer and are using Freedom Influencer ( Nathan Lucas ) as their main person to push the scam out to the masses!

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Yep anyone who promotes an MLM is a total fraud and one should stay away from! Just like Marissa Romero!


His website is preying on noobies all over