Global collapse warning! sell stocks! buy crypto and gold!


Check out the latest YouTube video I did. I wonder how a global collapse will effect affiliates.


Really, if the world collapses, my affiliate programme is going to be the least of my concerns…

Luckily, I have only my own house as Real Estate, and even if the markets crash, having a roof above my head is quite valuable.


I agree its crashing but this seems a bit far fetch Odin.


Roof is quite valuable, hopefully Odin was talking about excess real estate (second properties)


Your right. A roof and land is great. Second properties, not so much! The real estate market is starting to crash.


I never got into the whole crypto thing and regretted it when I saw the price last Christmas. This may be my time to buy in, the blockchain technology is very promising now that I understand what blockchain does.

Many real estate valuations in my area of the woods are dropping fast, I think real estate panic is settling in.

To be honest, I really hope it does not crash as bad your projecting because that will be bad for people all over the world. I have children and I hope they don’t have to see something that catastrophic happen in their lifetime.



Wish I saw this a few weeks ago. Most of my stocks are down. Bitcoin going up big time today! Wonder if we will see a bull run by Christmas!