Godaddy busted injecting javascript into websites 💩


Godaddy has been busted injecting malicious javascript into peoples websites, basically hacking them. They claim its to improve websites performance however Javascript slows down performance. They are injecting javascript to collect massive amounts of data from websites visitors. They do have a small option in the settings to Opt out, however its hard to find. The technology is called “Real Metrics” however after further review should be called “Real Spying”. This is unacceptable behaviour and you should think twice before using Godaddy ever again!

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Reasons to avoid GoDaddy:

  • Inserts malicious javascript into websites
  • Have to pay for privacy for domains
  • Annoying sales calls to your phone
  • Slow hosting and page loads
  • GoDaddy Backed SOPA & PIPA
  • GoDaddy has censored many domains for political reasons
  • CEO hunted elephants with your money
  • Sketchy Money-Back Guarantee policy


  1. NameCheap (Domains starting at $0.88)


  1. SiteGround (70% Off + Free SSL)

  2. Bluehost (70% Off + Free Domain + SSL)

  3. DigitalOcean ($100 Free Trial, for tech savy users)