Hot affiliate marketing niches 2019 πŸ“ˆ (fomo)



  1. VAPES - The vaporizer industry has exploded online. You can make thousands of dollars per week sitting at home smoking Vapes. There is tons of opportunities in this space right now.
  1. HOSTING - The hosting niche is ever green and will always be around. Most web hosts are paying out $25-$200 on their affiliate commissions and some of them over $1,000. The hosting companies are always competing with each other on paying higher commissions which is a win for super affiliates!
  1. VPN’S - VPN companies and popularity of VPN’s are on the rise. With so much c3nsorship, privacy issues, and bad advertisers around the world going on, VPN’s have became a must for anyone who can critically think. VPN’s pretty much are selling them selves and they are flying off the shelves. Most of the VPN companies are paying residuals so you can earn every time they renew for the lifetime of the account!
  1. EMAIL MARKETING - Email marketing companies are ever green. People will always need to use them until email is replaced which probably won’t be for a while. Most of the email marketing companies are paying high ticket commissions or a percentages of the residual income for the lifetime of the account. Some of them offer free trials making it easy to convert leads into paying customers.


Thank you, I have been into a few of these for quite some time. Very good picks.


Did not think of the vaping niche. That is probably great for millennials who are good with snapchat and instagram.


If any of you guys remember Lazy Ass Stoner, he also had a youtube channel called Jay Vapes which is a great example of vaping and affiliate.