How do i get started affiliate marketing?


I am a complete beginner and am not sure where to start. Can someone please help give me some direction on getting started with affiliate marketing for someone who has no experience?


Sure. Find some affiliate programs or networks you find interesting and sign up to them. You can find these on this site, online, reviews, etc.

Once you have signed up to some of these companies you will have a dashboard with a referral link. The referral link is going to have a special ID or username that is linked to you so the company can track it.

You will need to figure out ways to share your referral link as this is the hard part. Try to figure out where new customers will be and try to solve peoples problems is my advice.


I’m new in affiliate marketing too but I heard that it requires enormous effort to succeed.


I think the best way to start is get into a niche you are familiar with. So for me I loved gaming, so I found G2A had an affiliate scheme and I signed up for that and sold games via them, which earned me a nice pocket and scratched my AM itch.


Find something common that you can get a lot of answers for, like Amazon. It’s very saturated but there are tons of information out there for it.