How do you spend your Affiliate earning?


Hey guys. I wanted to make a fun topic. Let me know what you spend your Affiliate earnings on! It could be a monthly item like Rent or could talk about a car you were able to purchase etc! :money_mouth_face:


One example for me is I am a Grab Affiliate so I get free rides everywhere when I am in certain countries in Asia traveling! I highly recommend people check out ridesharing affiliate programs like Grab/Uber.


So far, mostly to try to keep my sites alive. Not making enough money as it is…


Beer money so far :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:


When I’m already earning in affiliate marketing, I will spend it in grocery and other personal expenses. I hope to earn decent amount from it despite that I will just try my luck from it.


For now most of my earnings are put back into affiliate marketing to create good and more frequent content to build up my audience.


I use it to travel from work by Uber instead of bus, so that I could put that saved time back into working on my affiliate building.


It pays for everything for me. Here are just a few things.

  • Rent
  • Vacations
  • Investments
  • Food
  • Massages
  • Taxis
  • Motorcycle
  • Clubs
  • Bars


Why is this even a question? Affiliates aren’t special, we spend on most of the same things non affiliates do!