How odi productions made millions (truth)

Learn the truth how ODi Productions made millions of dollars on YouTube and the internet. I reverse engineer his channel in this video to show you how he made his money. He started off making beats on his channel and gained a lot of subscribers who were into music. ODi then started promoting headphones through the Amazon FBA affiliate program to his subscribers who were in the music niche. He eventually started making videos and tutorials about WordPress, websites, hosting etc. ODI productions made 2 businesses out of these videos. 1 of the businesses was for making websites and the other one was for reviewing headphones/selling courses Some of these videos have generated hundreds of thousands of views producing him a huge amount of passive income. ODi productions in recent years has promoted the Click Funnels affiliate program a lot as well as his courses. His courses are very expensive and based on my research, its where he makes the majority of his money now.

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