How to get girls on tinder 2019 (no bs) 💯


In this video I give you 5 tips ( NO BS OR NORMAL TIPS ) on how to get girls on tinder in 2019. This video is for winners only. These tips will help you meet more women on tinder and waste less time. Your mindset is very important.

  1. Nofap - Nofap means no masturbati0n and no p0rn. Nofap is the number 1 reason guys fail in life and with women. Research nofap and stop wasting your life force energy. You will have a different mindset after following this step which will give you more success on Tinder.

  2. Better photos - Have a friend with a good camera take some high quality photos for you. By having good photos, you will stick out from the crowd. It is better to have quality over quantity. 2-3 photos is enough if they are good.

  3. Do not message right away - This shows desperation and shows you have nothing better to do. Be on your purpose. If you do not have a purpose, go find it.

  4. Message for logistics - Do not waste time talking back and fourth. Try to meet within the first few messages.

  5. Swipe Left - Swiping right all the time on Tinder will lower you in the algorithm. Swiping left will increase your algorithm score in Tinder.


Here is the vlog post