How to get more clicks?


So many networks, but so far, none of them have made me enough money to meet the payout treshold. What can I do to get more clicks?


Here are a few techniques

  • Build a blog/niche website

  • Make YouTube videos

  • Write articles and publish on Medium and other publishing platforms

  • Create your own Subreddit

  • Work on link building ( high quality relevant links )


Hey there,
a subreddit might be a good idea, I’ll look into that.
The linkbuilding thing seems to be getting harder and harder these days. And by the time you think you got the trick, Google changes its algorithms… any tips on that?


Google punishes useless links, you want to get good links. You want to get links in your niche that are highly relevant. Quality > Quantity! A few examples would be forums in your niche, or news sites in your niche etc.



Didn’t forum links all turn into no-follow links, just like the comment-links did years ago?

Finding good links gets harder and harder. In that video (elsewhere about blackhat) the guy talks about the theme-links. I thought that used to be good, but it isn’t. Good links become more and more rare and hard to get. And I have hardly any funds to invest so for a bootstrapper like myself, things are getting more and more difficult.


I have used adwords with no avail of success. Backlinking is qite good but it requires huge effort. I only want real clicks and not the fake ones so if there are ways that I can get them, that would be cool.


Pay per click ads is a good way to go. Reccomend you narrow it down to a really small niche audience on your first campaigns and go from there.