How to keep up momentum on a blog?


My Main source of affiliate marketing income has been by growing an audience on my blog where I advertise products through content marketing. My blog has been growing steadily, gaining +500 visits or more per month. However I’ve noticed this growth to be slowing down, this month I only gained 250 new visitors. Are there any tips to create more hype around my blog, maybe I should do more high reach articles.


You got to keep up consistency and posting on a regular basis. I would also suggest sharing the new posts to all the social networks, you can automate some of this through IFTTT. This will give you social signals, boost your SEO, and should get your more organic traffic.


I recommend getting ahead of your posting schedule. Always be atleast 2 weeks ahead and have the material ready and schedule it for posting. Like @odin mentioned, consistency is key or else viewership will die off.


Getting ahead of schedule is another great way, some days I will record a few Youtube videos.


One way is to recycle and share old content. Neil Patel goes over this a lot.