I am selling my new niche site! (host.promo) πŸ’°


I am selling my new niche website Host.Promo. Host.Promo provides the best promotions, insights, and analytics on hosting companies and platforms. I launched this niche site 5 days ago. I go over how to create a niche site in this video, the front end, the backend, scalability, my past experience, SEO strategy, YouTube strategy, and much more!

:dollar: MINIMUM OFFER: $6,660 USD
:money_with_wings: BUY IT NOW: $8,800 USD
:envelope_with_arrow: DIRECT EMAIL: tyler@affiliate.watch
:unicorn: NEW NICHE SITE: https://host.promo
:movie_camera: HOST.PROMO CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkAfLB-IxUgs6IDAywlEMQ?sub_confirmation=1
:point_right: FLIPPA LISTING: https://flippa.com/10077543-host-promo

Seller’s Notes from flippa:

  1. Seller Bio

I am a serial entrepreneur from California with 2 exits. I can verify both the companies upon request. I have been programming for a little over a decade and I started at 14 years old. I have built 7 profitable websites over the last 5 years. I have cleared over 5 figures on 1 single hosting company through affiliate marketing and can prove this on my YouTube channel upon request.

  1. Executive Summary

Host.Promo is the best website to find a promotion quickly! The website gets straight to the point and curates hosting companies. It provides valuable insights about the companies and offers the best promotions.

  1. Highlights

The opportunity is huge. This is one of the most competitive niches for affiliate so it has huge potential. YouTube, Rich snippets, Dynamic Dates, and other things are already baked in and ready to be scaled to stick out from the competition.

  1. Operations

The only things that need to be done are adding/editing/updating host in the backend. The backend is super slick and easy to use. I would also suggest doing 1 video for each host listing and continuing doing videos. The backend allows you to easily add videos to each host. I can give you strategies on how to grow the channel and traffic. The site is ready to be scaled!

  1. Customers

The customers are anyone who is a web master and uses a host. The best customer is someone who is looking for a promo code.

  1. Financials

The revenue will come from affiliate marketing. The site can easily scale and the cost of hosting will remain minimal. The profit should be around 95% as there is no expenses besides the domain and a cheap $5 server.

  1. Seller Notes

I will provide 20 free hours of consultation and help strategize with you. I will also meet you in person if you pay for the flight or fly to me. I want to work with you to make sure the site is a success.

:point_right: FLIPPA LISTING: https://flippa.com/10077543-host-promo