Is amazon affiliate good?


Hello anyone have experience with Amazon affiliate? Seeing mixed reviews.


Amazon has such a variety of products at good prices making them cater to many affiliates. Sadly it seems Amazon is really strict. We had them listed on AffiliateWatch and started driving sales. Weeks later they email us saying we can no longer be part of the associates program for having an Amazon logo on AffiliateWatch. So they are not compatibale with this platform. They never paid out for the sales either which put a sour taste in my mouth. If I didn’t know so many people making a fortune with Amazon I would lower their rating just because of that experience. I think you should try the program yourself and make sure to check their terms so you do not get banned for something stupid like we did.


Of course its good, its one of the best affiliate programs out there.


The commissions are pretty low for most items.


I recently signed up and have a website with some niche products. Will update in a few months. So far, its been smooth to get started. Wish the analytics were more in depth on Amazons end.


What I like most about Amazon, is that they basically have a product for every possible blog I could post, meaning I can monetize on ANYTHING I write… small change, yes. But many small ones make a big one.


Amazon is good but the conversion rate is low. On average its 1%. Some people convert a lot higher, I usually do 2.5% + most months.


Amazon affiliate is good but it requires real and hard effort from our part. I have not tried it yet but I heard from the experiences of others that they are earning well from it.


It was one of the best for its time. But the fact of the matter is most people already know of Amazon and tend not to click links but search on it directly, so the conversions with time have lowered. Also you are limiting yourself to a US/UK audience.


I use it on and off although it is not my main source of income, yes it is pretty good but very saturated.


There is always people buying from Amazon. Its a good program. Easy to get started and tons of products to promote, tons!!!