Is ODi Productions a scam artist or legit? (HONEST VIDEO)


Hey guys I just recorded this video about ODi productions. Would love to know what everyone else thinks!


Looks like a little Tai Lopez lol


I find his content useful. Wondering if the guide is worth the money too…


Anyone trying to sell a course on YouTube is almost always a scammer reposting stuff they got off the internet and not providing any real value. If your making $1,000 a day, why share it with anyone and invite competition?


ODi is one of the main reasons I started affiliate marketing. He is inspiring to beginners. Do not think he is a scam, he seems honest.


Anyone know how much the mentor ship costs?


Seems legit. Heres his LinkedIn.


He comes off as a scammer. Where are all his students now who reviewed his course? No where to be found! Back at their damn jobs probably!


He bought his lambo in cash. ODi is the real deal.


He seems a bit fake too me and not very humble, would not be surprised if he ends up getting robbed living in San Diego flashing all that money around.


Looks like he is about to cash in on his course. Does not even sound that involved, its a “group course”. I am starting to get more sceptical of ODI productions as time goes on. His older videos and content were way more useful.