Is ODi Productions a scam artist or legit? (HONEST VIDEO)

Looks like he is about to cash in on his course. Does not even sound that involved, its a “group course”. I am starting to get more sceptical of ODI productions as time goes on. His older videos and content were way more useful.

I do not think he is making much money off affiliate even if he says he is. He seems to be cashing in 110% on his new course. Just look at his website copy.

Text from website:

ODi Productions Launches “Passive Income Lifestyle”, his brand new 8-Week Mentorship program. Sign Up During Black Friday to Save 63% OFF for a total savings of $2,500. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity…

If its $2,500 off, then how much is it normally? 5k or 10k? This guy is scamming poor self help buying suckers. Success is abstract and step by step guides almost always lead to failure.

He is preying on noobies to buy his course before they get their first sale. Most of these Youtubers are all the same.

Shopify Youtubers sell shopify courses but don’t dropship much
Affiliate YouTubers sell affiliate courses but don’t make affiliate sales
Real Estate YouTubers sell real estate courses but don’t own real estate

I know its not like this 100% of the time but over 90% I would guess this is the case.

Numbers are being exaggerated by Odi Productions. This guy makes money but he is a bit of a con man. He is making around $1,000 on a good day but a while back he claimed to be making $100,000+ a month on Mike Vestil’s channel. These guys are always fudging numbers and showing you thier absolute best days. It is similar to how a persons instagram shows best moments of their life, but doesn’t show what the average day looks like.

In this video you can see he says he makes $100,000 a month. Published on Jun 25, 2018.

But in his recent videos he is making around $1,000 a day. Published on Sep 24, 2018

The guy gets so many views on some of his older videos, he must be clearing a good amount of income and then making a killing off selling the course.

Not sure about his courses, but his affiliate sales seem legitimate. His headphone reviews still generate hundreds of thousands of views still years later. And they point to Amazon! So he is deff making some profits.

I was about to buy his course a few months ago. I have always had a gut feeling something was fishy. Think he makes most of his money from courses.

In case anyone was wondering, here is Odi Productions money sites he made.



Thanks for sharing @ALPHA200 , I was wondering how me made his money. Those sites are not even good but he was one of the first people to market so he made a fortune.

Notice how sketchy the guy who took his course and did a testimonial is being in this video:

Can clearly see he was pressured by ODI productions and if the course/scam worked then why is the guy not making any more videos?

Look at the YouTube comments:

“I just spent the full $1000 on the course. I’m 18 years old and very eager to learning this stuff!”

Odi productions is scamming all these newbie teenagers, so sad. He deserves bad karma.

Odi is selling snake oil to newbies with his over priced course, you can learn affiliate marketing for yourself online. That is what I did.

ODI is full of it. He just lambo brags which gets people to buy his overpriced and undervalued course. My friend bought his course and showed me it, it is seriously basic stuff that you can find online for FREE.

That is what I keep hearing too. I hear ODI productions just recycles others YouTubers basic content in his affiliate marketing courses. Seems hes getting rich by showing others free information.

What about his content is useful? Can you please provide some more information? The guide is definitely not worth the video and it’s just another Tai Lopez trying to steal your money. You ever consider why these people start these “cheap” guides? Oh with 5 dollars you can easily make money online; if that’s the case then why is he only asking for 5 dollars if his method is for-certain fire? Ask yourself this questions each time you are about to make a decision of giving your money to someone who is a professional wordsmith.

Here is a video I did on ODI Productions recently on how he makes some of his money. The video had no dislikes. One day later within the course of 10 minutes it had 14 dislikes. ODI productions sent fake dislikes because he does not want people to watch my video.

@j3r0d Well some of his videos are useful. For example check Odi’s latest video. For someone just getting started, videos like this are super helpful. I have followers, a website, etc and still find a lot of his content helpful. And his guide is around $2,000, do you really consider that cheap?!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the industry, that word “scammer” gets tossed around very carelessly and frequently. While there are others out there that are definitely scammers, I wouldn’t go as far as calling ODi Productions a scammer. He’s definitely not a scammer which you did point out in your video. I will however say I think his course is overpriced for what it offers compared to what else is out there on the market.

I can agree with that, thanks for chiming in! Have you taken ODI’s course?

No I haven’t taken the course myself but I know someone personally (friend) that has taken it that knows what he is talking about. He’s taken several affiliate marketing courses and he said for all the hype, Odi’s course was - in his words - “crap.”

He gave me details and even offered to show/give me access so I could see… but I didn’t even bother because based on what he told me, I already knew how to do everything in the course he described. Granted I’m not a beginner by any stretch of the imagination but still… I expected a lot more given the hefty price tag.

At the end of the day… I suppose this stuff is all relative. If you’re a brand spankin new beginner which seems to be the majority of Odi’s audience and who he targets, then you would see the info in his course as “WOWWW…AMAZING”

With that being said, based on what I know as being the standard in the industry for what you can expect from a $1000 course, Odi’s seems to fall really short from what I’ve gathered. You can take that with a grain of salt though since I haven’t actually gone through it myself.

I bought his $2500 mentorship course. And it’s full of basic information on wordpress, landing pages, mindset, youtube, etc. Even though I regret my purchase, I can see that he’s trying his best to help his students.

He’s legit, in the sense, that he started off making money by being an affiliate marketer. But he’s a scam artist due to the fact that he makes more money selling courses. Just observe how he builds and sells more programs every year to pay off his liabilities (house, cars, etc.). People fall for the lifestyle pictures and videos (I did). But truly wealthy people (i.e. Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, etc.) don’t show off.

If he truly had a revolutionary course to change your life, people would give genuine feedback on it. But people review it, because ODI gives incentives like affiliate commissions and laptop giveaways and more.

Don’t buy his course(s). That mentorship program was the biggest expense and regret of my life. I’m 17 years old and I was extremely naive in trusting a “guru” with no high level credibility on the internet. You can get much more value investing in $20 books written by great people like Peter Thiel.