Is this full time for you?


Are there any affiliates out there who do this full time as their main source of income?


Currently not full time, and its not something that I’d want to do full time either. But I am hoping to use the money to start some other form of online business full time.


Not yet, but getting there! I am in this for the long term/residual/passive money. I want to travel the world and not have to worry about active income.


It is not my main source because I own a few companies. All though it is becoming a big part of my income. I still do not work full time, I like to have time off and travel.


Been full time for 3 years. Took me 1 year to build up to full time. Stick with it and the money will start coming in. Think abstract, there is no guide how to do things 100% or everyone would be rich. Think outside of the box.


Yes I have been full time for years. I got into it after watching Lazy Ass Stoner back in the day. After 1 year I was full time and making more money then I ever did working my 9-5 slave job.