Legendary marketer is 100% a scam! (truth) 💯



Youtubers Promoting The Legendary Marketer Scam:

  • Freedom Influencer
  • Big Mark
  • Marissa Romero
  • Nick Arapkiles
  • Jackie Perez
  • Jay Brown
  • Nick Anderson
  • Chris Mollo



WOW! A lot of people are promoting this. I do not think this will end well with the FTC.


I am so glad someone is finally talking about this. These fakers have been getting away with this for way too long. People seriously think the whole industry is dodgy because of a few idiots like this! Look what happened to Bitconnect, these YouTubers will be in hot water once the ship sinks!


Yep so many jack asses on Youtube making every one look bad, whats new?!


These low lifes do not stop, name changes, product always the same ( thin air ).


Wow there last company went bankrupt