Marissa romero scam exposed! (fraud/jail) 💩


MARISSA ROMERO IS A SCAM ARTIST AND FRAUDSTER?! I THINK SO! My name is Odin and I am the CEO of Affiliate DOT Watch! I cover Marissa Romero promoting a scam in this video. I recently came across Marissa’s Romero YouTube channel on how to travel the world while earning money. After doing some digging into the links Marissa was promoting on her channel, I was disappointed to see her promoting Legendary marketer which is 100% a scam ( link below ).



Legendary marketer was known as empower network before and it had got shut down and went bankrupt and was a fraudulent company where everyone lost their money. One of the founders was even arrested and on drugs! Now they are promoting a new scam and using YouTubers like Marissa to recruit useful idiots!



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Marissa Snapchat: success88


Keep it up Odin! You are an honest man and you will be hated because of it! Marissa is taking hard earned cash from people who need it and she flaunts her wrong doings.


She is totally full of herself on her channel and its no surprise she is promoting junk products. I strongly disliked her after the first video.


She is literally using the hard earned money of people who do not know better to fund her lifestyle/vacations to the exact people she is taking money from. Wow, wonder if this would work if she was a guy.