Newbie needs help


All thanks to @odin …for letting me in on this forum. I am new into Affiliate marketing for about 2months but yet to make a sale,tried Builderall as well but still nothing. Am hoping I will get all the assistance I will be needing. Thank You


Getting the first sales are hard. What strategies have you tried? (example: posted tweets)

A lot of the big youtubers have had success with Builderall. I would suggest trying more then 1 affiliate program. Try 5-10 of them out and see what works for you best. Also consider a youtube channel.

Also remember its a patience game. It can take months to build SEO or a social media profile. It took me a few years before things really took off. Now I am making more money then my parents and working part time.


Thanks @Banksy…i appriciate,guess i will be contacting you more


I hope you get sales soon. Try to use the social media too.