The Brave Browser! I'd Love to Hear Numbers...

Hi everyone! I’m new here at the Affiliate Watch Forum, but I’ve been dabbling in affiliate marketing for a little while now. I’m happy to be on board, and I hope I can learn a lot and be a valuable contributor here.

I stumbled upon this website through my Brave research… and although I’m using the browser now and have plans of becoming a verified creator shortly, I would love to hear from a few more experienced users (@odin for sure) about their thoughts and observations:

1. How much can a verified creator expect to make in BAT? I have the ads setting maxed out and I’ve only earned about 2.5 BAT in a week as a viewer, so I guess I would like to hear that there is more to be made on the creator end. It’s early days though, I realize… and those numbers will likely rise with the traffic and advertisers on the browser.

2. I read that creators can withdraw their BAT balances, and I really hope that’s true! I also hear that they will be making withdrawal possible for everyone eventually (even ad viewers) but that is less important to me. Supporting the content is the whole idea, so I don’t mind distributing my viewing income to my favourite peeps! :smile:

3. What are your general thoughts about the whole Brave concept and execution? Are there things that don’t work very well for you, or anything you would change? Are there updates coming up that you’re excited about? I love that they’re rolling out Twitter and Reddit tips soon… I heard that these features are being tested by their beta community right now.

Any Brave-related discussion will undoubtedly be helpful. Thanks so much!