Top 10 digital nomad locations 2019! 💻

TOP 10 DIGITAL NOMAD CITIES 2019 (No particular order) (Average Cost For Nomads):

Bangkok, Thailand ( $1,393 / month )
Canary Islands, Spain ( $1,980 / month )
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia ( $1,180 / month )
Lisbon, Portugal ( $2,106 / month )
Singapore ( $2,876 / month )
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ( $1,047 / month )
Medellin, Columbia ( $1,251 / month )
Chiang Mai, Thailand ( $1,040 / month )
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( $1,246 / month )
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia ( $1,178 / month )

What do you guys think? Recommend any other cites?

I really like the island Koh Phangan in South Thailand. There is a growing Digital Nomad scene there, good weather, cheap rent, and good vibes. I recommend getting away from the Full moon party area if you want to meet expats and nomads. Its one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to, I can’t wait to go back.

Great list. Some of these places are crazy cheap, especially the “local” prices in the video!

I love Vietnam. Da Nang is also a good place for nomads! Beautiful cheap beach city in Vietnam!

Another great place to check out is Hawaii. Smaller islands like Kauai are not touristy, have fast wifi, chill locals, and prices are not as expensive as the bigger islands. There is not many nomads though. However just because there is not many, does not mean its not a good place! I highly recommend it!

Also one good site to check out is Nomad List.

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Bali was great in 2014, now its been super over saturated the past few years.

Bali use to have:

  • Clean beaches
  • Clear air
  • Little pollution
  • Friendly Locals

Now its a bunch of instagram famous wannabe models, disrespectful drunk Australian tourists, and nomads trying to sell courses on how to be a nomad. I wanted to leave fast last time I was there, it was nothing like before. The locals are no longer nice as they once were because tourists took advantages and some of the locals got pissed. You will still meet some great locals but many are sick of tourists, specifcially the stupid drunken Aussies.

Sounds like Kuta, Bali. I suggest trying another place like Ubud or Canguu.



Great list Odin! Buenos Aires in Argentina is one of my favorite digital nomad citires. There is everything there. So much nightlife, bars, clubs, culture, and restaurants. My only complaint is the wifi is only fast some places, its usually just “okay”.

I would advise people to avoid Singapore starting out, you got to have big money to have fun there and live a good life.

Chiang Mai is still where the majority of nomads are and Bali

Anyone have any digital nomad reccomendations for the United States? I cant leave the country.

Hawaii is great. If you are willing to live a more local life and not go to the tourist islands/spots, it is actually not that expensive. You can find a monthly airbnb 2 bed room for $500-$600 with great wifi.


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The problem with all these digital nomad cities is their is tons of snake oils sales men posing as Digital Nomads. For anyone starting this journey, make sure to avoid gurus, digital nomad summits, digital nomad “masterminds”, and digital nomad retreats. Almost all of these people are trying to sell you something expensive on how to be a digital nomad. They don’t actually make money being digital nomads themselves but by taking money from people who need it most. Chiang Mai and Canguu Bali have many of these losers. BE CAREFUL NEWBIES!

I just got back from Canguu. It does not live up to the hype.

Pieter lives there sometimes so he just promotes it all day long to people on his website so he can sell more stuff.

I’m all for criticism but please substantiate it if you do critique.

Nomad List’s ranking is based on algorithm that weights all data points, with priority given to internet speed, safety, weather and how many nomads there are.

Canggu has most people checked in on Nomad List of any place right now, it’s relatively affordable, safe, and has fast internet. That’s why it’s ranked on the top. Meanwhile, Chiang Mai has a problem with burning season which causes really bad air, which ranks it lower. Also it means, many nomads have left Chiang Mai due to that.

I don’t have any benefit from pushing a particular place, like Canggu, high on Nomad List. I don’t get paid by the cities or countries. I get paid by people signing up to Nomad List and becoming a member, and ads that are put between the city boxes. Recommending the best place (which is highly subjective), yes that’s a benefit in getting people to like the city and pay for it!

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Hi @levelsio , I came across your website recently when a friend visited back home after traveling for over a year. He used your site extensively to travel. I am considering becoming a nomad myself soon. Keep up the good work and ignore the trolls. Canggu looks like a great place.

You should check out Goa in India. I am from India and Goa is my favorite place to visit and work on the computer as a digital nomad. There is a lot of young people from all over the world. The beaches and weather is amazing. The only thing about Goa that sucks for digital nomads is finding good wifi. I was able to find a few places with okay/decent wifi speeds but most places have very slow/no wifi. It has some great nightlife and is a fun place.

Accommodation is also good:

$100-$150 a month = Cheap studio or place
$200-400 a month = Nice apartment / studio / house
$500-$1000 a month = Luxury living