What if I don't have much money (or any) to invest?


That’s okay to. As an affiliate marketing beginner, you will quickly find that internet marketing is one of the few fields you can start learning in for little or no money.


Additionally, there are tons of free platforms out there that you can promote on. Many affiliate beginners start this way. I know, it’s how I started. However, my suggestion is this: when you start earning a little money, re-invest in your own domain names and “virtual real estate”.


It cost nothing to make a blog or youtube channel now days. Its always better to have money to invest however I would not let that deter noobies from getting started. A lot of affiliate marketers started with just a domain or social media etc. Start small and expand. Sometimes its better to keep your business lean especially in something like affiliate when your starting out because theres a lot of loops and holes in the ground you will discover a long the way.