What is the best affiliate program in 2019?


Hey everyone. My name is Sam and I have been an affiliate marketer for 5 years now. I started from nothing while still working a slave 9-5 job. I kept my head down at work and every night when I got home, I worked my tail off, watched videos, read auto biographies from successful people, and made niche sites. I made a fortune off Amazon associates and still make a good amount off of it but it has become harder over the years. I am always looking for new opportunities. What do you think is the best affiliate program for 2019 and why do you think so? Please be specific and detailed. Thank you guys - Sam


Amazon Associates is still the king of affiliate programs. It may not be what you are looking for. But the reasons I like it are:

  • Trustworthy Brand
  • Caters to any niche
  • Easy to get started ( no barriers )